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Putting a little ZEST in your business


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  • A business owner who has already "done it their way" and found just how disappointing, and expensive, poor design can be.
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CitrusKiwi was born out of our vision to enable all business - small business especially - to have access to quality website design at a sensible price. We offer monthly subscription packages starting as low as $44.78 which pays for your design or redesign, hosting, on-page SEO, reporting, maintenance and training on how to use the site.

We charge nothing upfront and nothing for 6 weeks. But, we have no contracts either - you're free to leave anytime. But why would you?

A quality website = credibility.

Would you have faith in a mechanic with a broken down car, or a salesperson selling time management software who couldn't keep an appointment? Not likely! Neither will your potential clients have faith in your business if its website is old and tired looking, has "Under Construction" pages, broken links or is confusing... if they can never find you in the first place because your optimization is poor or non-existent...

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Brother's Restaurant, 8466 W Peoria Ave #1, Peoria, AZ 85345